Ann McCampbell, MD offers medical legal consultations for attorneys working on cases involving chemical sensitivity and other environmentally related illnesses. These can include social security, workers compensation, veterans and disability benefits, toxic tort, medical benefits, workplace accommodations, housing, divorce, and child custody cases.

Dr. McCampbell can help document the recognition of chemical sensitivities, provide supportive medical and scientific evidence, recommend medical tests and evaluations to support a case, and find appropriate expert witnesses. She can also assist with general medical cases.

Her services include, but are not limited to, assessing medical records and analyzing cases, researching and summarizing relevant medical literature, critiquing opposition arguments and evidence, preparing questions for deposition or trial, and finding and preparing medical expert witnesses. She can also provide independent medical opinions.

“Dr. McCampbell does terrific work. She is smart and writes exceptionally well. She also has a good understanding of medico-legal issues, such as what evidence is required for medical proof.”

Patricia Glazek, Attorney, Santa Fe, NM

Medical Legal Experience:

• Consulted on toxic tort case where plaintiff developed chemical sensitivity

• Researched health effects of mold

• Assisted a divorce attorney who had a chemically sensitive client

• Assisted an attorney who was attempting to get medical treatments covered by insurance for a chemically sensitive client

• Conducted a record review and rendered an independent medical opinion that was successful in client obtaining widow’s benefits from the VA

• Represented self in public hearings – introduced evidence, cross-examined witnesses, wrote findings of fact and conclusions of law


Dr McCampbell’s fee for medical legal consulting is $250 per hour.

She can be reached at (505) 466-3622 or

References available upon request.