Ann McCampbell, MD has published an updated 2018 version of her popular booklet
Multiple Chemical Sensitivity. This 24-page introductory booklet is highly informative,
and easy to read and understand. It answers the questions:


What is Multiple Chemical Sensitivity?

Who gets MCS?

What causes MCS?

What are the symptoms of MCS?

How is MCS diagnosed?

How is MCS treated?

What is the political history of MCS?

This booklet can be an invaluable resource for those who have recently become chemically sensitive. It has also proven useful in helping to educate friends, family members, doctors, government agencies, elected officials, and others about MCS.

“Your booklet is well done & informative – it’s a good resource to have on hand.”
Susan Hurd, RI


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 “You have no idea how very much of an impact your great booklets have.”

Alice Osherman, FL

 “I’ve searched all our books and found that your booklet still contains

 the best description (of multiple chemical sensitivity).”

Janet Dauble, CA